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VesselMax promotes healthy microcirculation and supports vascular strength and tone at all layers of the blood vessel, as well as blood vessel valve structures.


Clinical Applications

  • Promotes Healthy Microcirculation
  • Helps Support Blood Vessel and Cardiovascular Health
  • Maintains Optimal Vasomotor and Vascular Tone

The muscles of blood vessels need to receive constant stimulation to maintain a resting level of contraction. This phenomenon is known as vasomotor tone. Vasoconstriction, whether due to an increase in venous wall stress or biomechanical stretch, is sufficient to cause an increase in vasomotor tone. Narrowing blood vessels leads to a reduction in blood supply and consequently a reduction in oxygen supply to various organs and tissues.

VesselMax is a powerful blend of botanical extracts shown to promote healthy microcirculation and support vascular strength and tone. The four ingredients in VesselMax work synergistically to support all layers of blood vessel structure.

Suggested Use:

3 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care professional.


Diosmin is derived from the bioflavonoid hesperidin found in citrus rinds. The diosmin used in VesselMax is refined through micronization, which allows for rapid, efficient delivery to the bloodstream and the inner lining of veins. In addition to promoting venous tone, research shows diosmin promotes circulatory health by helping to improve lymphatic drainage and protecting microcirculation.


Troxerutin is a naturally occurring flavonoid that has a variety of activities, including strong antioxidant capacity and the ability to maintain normal inflammatory balance. Specifically, troxerutin is able to promote healthy microcirculation and protect endothelial cells from oxidative stress.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is a plant native to India that is used for many health benefits. The primary active constituents are saponins, also called triterpenoids, which are responsible for this plant’s vascular benefits and ability to help with normal tissue repair. Gotu kola stimulates collagen synthesis and helps improve the tone and elasticity of vascular walls.

Horse Chestnut Extract

Horse chestnut extract contains numerous bioactive phytocompounds, the most researched being aescin, which gives the herb its ability to promote healthy venous tone, improve microcirculation, support normal lymphatic drainage, and maintain favorable blood flow dynamics.


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