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Why Is Thyroid Your Life Gland?

The thyroid gland – for me, it's truly the gland that governs my life.   As I mentioned in another article, "Should I Eat Health Products?", I've struggled with weakness and illness since childhood, experiencing many symptoms of hypothyroidism. From a young age, I've always been more sensitive to cold than others. My hands and feet are constantly cold, particularly during winter.  Layering on clothes became the norm, and chilblains were frequent visitors.  My skin lacked color, appearing pale and devoid of any vibrancy.  My hair suffered as well, becoming sparse, dry, and brittle. Food became a source of frustration.  Picky eating and a poor appetite were constant companions, often leading to stomach aches and acid reflux.  Neutralizing gastric acid with medications like Weisupin and managing spasms with Prubenzene were...

Stress to Strength & Health

My Journey From Stress to Strength & Health

Ten years ago, a chance encounter with a book on my doctor friend's desk sparked a life-changing journey. The book was titled "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome" by Dr. James L. Wilson, and it immediately piqued my curiosity. "If you like it, take it," my friend offered, noticing my fascination. "It's a very interesting book. I've read it three times!" Intrigued, I dove into the book, devouring it in one sitting. While excitement surged through me, a deeper awareness bloomed: I had only scratched the surface of the American School of Functional Medicine. This book opened a new window to a world of questions I desperately needed answers to. Confession time: I'm no stranger to stress. My childhood was deeply impacted by my father's sudden, serious illness. As...

Vitamin D and K2

Understanding the Synergy Between Vitamin D and K2

Recently, a classmate shared a fascinating video in our high school group. It showcased a massage expert on a TV program claiming to alleviate shoulder, neck, and back pains within a minute by pressing specific meridian points on the back of the hand. The results seemed almost miraculous, with an elderly lady straightening her back after years of struggling. Another classmate found it too mysterious and sought my opinion. Here's what I think: While the video may be a tad exaggerated, let's delve into the pathophysiology.  Spinal issues like herniated discs or bone hyperplasia, often leading to conditions like bone spurs, result from local overgrowth, causing narrowing. Inflamed and swollen surrounding tissues compress nerve fibers, inducing pain. These growth processes are gradual and challenging to reverse. Even...

The Liver Guardian of Our Well being

The Liver: Guardian of Our Well-Being

Expressing the significance of the liver in a single article has always been a challenge for me. Its paramount importance requires a comprehensive, accurate, and meticulous approach. However, recent events highlighting the consequences of indiscriminate medication, especially in the context of preventing the new coronavirus infection, have compelled me to address this vital topic. Disturbing news reports have emerged, detailing cases of individuals taking excessive medications, leading to liver and kidney failure, immediate hospitalization, and, tragically, unsuccessful rescue attempts resulting in fatalities. This has deeply saddened me, prompting me to write this article to foster a deeper understanding of the liver's importance and discourage the random intake of medications. Situated in the upper right abdomen, mostly shielded by the lower right ribs, the liver enjoys a natural...

Dive Into B Vitamins

A Quick Dive Into B Vitamins

When it comes to health supplements, the first things that usually come to mind are multivitamins, minerals, and vitamins. Most of us are likely familiar with the benefits of vitamin C. Commercials often highlight the richness of vitamin C in orange juice, emphasizing its antioxidant properties that boost immunity. Another well-known vitamin is vitamin D, often associated with calcium. Advertisements stress the importance of calcium for children's growth, attribute middle-aged joint pain to calcium deficiency, and link osteoporosis in the elderly to fractures caused by a lack of calcium. The fear of calcium deficiency is widespread, prompting many to consider calcium supplements. Vitamin D takes the spotlight as the key player in promoting calcium absorption from food. In recent times, vitamin K2 has also gained attention for...

Role of Magnesium

Unlocking the Beauty Within: The Overlooked Role of Magnesium

Calcium often takes center stage in the spotlight, recognized for its vital role in bone health—the lifeblood of our skeletal system. From childhood, we've been bombarded with messages urging us to "supplement calcium, supplement calcium, supplement calcium." Milk and bone soup are touted as calcium-rich elixirs, and every life stage is advised to embrace the mantra of "calcium supplementation." From the growth needs of teenagers to the vitality of middle-aged individuals and bone protection for the elderly, calcium reigns supreme as the go-to mineral. Undoubtedly, it deserves its status as the body's most abundant mineral, with bones and teeth being its focal points. Calcium is, unquestionably, the star of the show! Yet, amidst this calcium-centric narrative, the unsung hero, magnesium, goes unnoticed—a forgotten woman in the world...

Vital Role of Digestive Enzymes

The Vital Role of Digestive Enzymes: Learning Beyond Just Eating

In my exploration of the significance of food, I've come to realize that it extends far beyond merely satiating our hunger. Food not only serves as a source of energy but also plays a fundamental role in supporting the growth and development of our bodies, especially in children. It contributes to maintaining normal living conditions, supports our work and study endeavors, aids in metabolism, and enhances immunity, enabling us to resist changes and pressures in both internal and external environments. While it's true that skipping a meal or two may not have an immediate detrimental impact, prolonged deprivation poses severe risks. As we stretch beyond three, four, or five days without proper nourishment, our bodies encounter problems that can jeopardize our very lives. Some may argue that...

How to Choose Health Supplements

How to Choose Health Supplements? (2)

Part 2 I previously delved into the multifaceted topic to offer insights into the practical aspects of the healthcare product industry. Merely discussing the positive aspects, engaging in empty talk, and evading specific issues is a prevalent tendency in the production of healthcare products, often observed among businessmen and salespeople. As consumers, it is crucial for us to consistently educate ourselves, enhancing our capability to discern. Unlike medications, where professional guidance is commonplace, selecting and utilizing healthcare products often falls solely on our shoulders. It remains a predominantly self-directed endeavor. Therefore, we must actively pursue knowledge to empower ourselves in making informed choices. Approaching Health Products with Caution: A Beginner's Guide Therefore, when your knowledge and understanding are limited, it's advisable not to set overly ambitious goals or have...

Nourishment By Nature

Navigating the Health Product Maze: How to Choose the Right Supplements

Hello, health-conscious readers!  I'm excited to share my thoughts on the art of choosing the right health products. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and optimal well-being, as I break down the essential aspects to consider. Let's kick things off with a fundamental question: Do you need health supplements?  And, more importantly, why?  If you're as puzzled as I once was, fret not—we'll unravel the answers together before diving into the world of health products. Before we begin understanding more about health supplements and products it is vital to ask yourself a few questions. Continue reading to learn more… Choosing the Right Health Products Before popping pills, ask yourself Do I even need supplements? If unsure, consult a healthcare professional. What do I aim to achieve? Target specific needs with vitamins, minerals, or...

Nourishment By Nature - Dental Flow

Dental Floss, A Thin Thread That Changed The Trajectory Of My Life (Part 2)

In essence, teeth primarily serve as tools for us to chew and bite food. Beyond their role in maintaining facial aesthetics, they don't have a significant impact. Some individuals have a full set of teeth and can lead a "healthy" life for many years. The only inconvenience is related to dietary choices; avoiding hard foods and opting for softer, semi-liquid, or liquid diets. Moreover, it doesn't hinder one's ability to speak clearly or affect daily communication. It all comes down to the same conclusion:  Are dentists truly essential? If you were to inquire, my response would unequivocally be, "Yes, they are unquestionably crucial!" As human society progresses and evolves, people's expectations for their quality of life continue to rise. Disregarding the importance of teeth can leave you toothless...