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Why Is Thyroid Your Life Gland?

The thyroid gland – for me, it's truly the gland that governs my life.   As I mentioned in another article, "Should I Eat Health Products?", I've struggled with weakness and illness since childhood, experiencing many symptoms of hypothyroidism. From a young age, I've always been more sensitive to cold than others. My hands and feet are constantly cold, particularly during winter.  Layering on clothes became the norm, and chilblains were frequent visitors.  My skin lacked color, appearing pale and devoid of any vibrancy.  My hair suffered as well, becoming sparse, dry, and brittle. Food became a source of frustration.  Picky eating and a poor appetite were constant companions, often leading to stomach aches and acid reflux.  Neutralizing gastric acid with medications like Weisupin and managing spasms with Prubenzene were...