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Stress to Strength & Health

My Journey From Stress to Strength & Health

Ten years ago, a chance encounter with a book on my doctor friend's desk sparked a life-changing journey. The book was titled "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome" by Dr. James L. Wilson, and it immediately piqued my curiosity. "If you like it, take it," my friend offered, noticing my fascination. "It's a very interesting book. I've read it three times!" Intrigued, I dove into the book, devouring it in one sitting. While excitement surged through me, a deeper awareness bloomed: I had only scratched the surface of the American School of Functional Medicine. This book opened a new window to a world of questions I desperately needed answers to. Confession time: I'm no stranger to stress. My childhood was deeply impacted by my father's sudden, serious illness. As...

Vitamin D and K2

Understanding the Synergy Between Vitamin D and K2

Recently, a classmate shared a fascinating video in our high school group. It showcased a massage expert on a TV program claiming to alleviate shoulder, neck, and back pains within a minute by pressing specific meridian points on the back of the hand. The results seemed almost miraculous, with an elderly lady straightening her back after years of struggling. Another classmate found it too mysterious and sought my opinion. Here's what I think: While the video may be a tad exaggerated, let's delve into the pathophysiology.  Spinal issues like herniated discs or bone hyperplasia, often leading to conditions like bone spurs, result from local overgrowth, causing narrowing. Inflamed and swollen surrounding tissues compress nerve fibers, inducing pain. These growth processes are gradual and challenging to reverse. Even...